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Release: ACAA Appoints Social Media Ambassadors for 2020-2021

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    Saturday,25th,April 2020

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    • Release:  ACAA Appoints Social Media Ambassadors for 2020-2021

      The Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) has for the first time appointed eight alumni as ACAA Social Media Ambassadors. Congratulations to our new Ambassadors!

      1. Cao Wandi, University of Melbourne alumna

      2. Huang Zhan, RMIT alumnus

      3. Qiao Yanjun, Chairperson of Mericandaz Company and the Anna Foundation

      4. Shi Ke, University of Melbourne alumna

      5. Sun Xiaoran, University of Melbourne alumna

      6. Wang Yan, Macquarie University and Central Queensland University alumna

      7. Wu Haoran, University of Melbourne alumnus

      8. Xu Haiyue, University of Melbourne alumna

      In the coming 12 months the Social Media Ambassadors, based in Australia and China, will work with ACAA to promote a deeper understanding of life in Australia and contribute to enriching the alumni and international student experience of Australia.

      Our Ambassadors will be utilising their favourite social media platforms, online communities and ACAA media channels to write about subjects of community interest  like student life, work experience, value  conflicts, multiculturalism, travel, modern art, dance, etc.

      ACAA would like to thank Calvin Chan, China General Manager of the Trade Desk, and Anthony Yan, China Marketing Director of Austrade, for their assistance in the selection and training of the new Ambassadors.  We are grateful to the Scanlon Foundation for its support of this initiative.

      Please stay tuned and follow ACAA media platforms below for updated reports on Australian life and alumni development.

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