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Startup, Entrepreneurship and VC 创业、企业家精神和风投

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    Thursday,16th,September 2021

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    zoom online

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    • 维多利亚州政府作为有限合伙人(LP)向维多利亚州创业资本基金(VSCF)投资6050万澳币,使得创业初期资本基金高达1.8亿澳元,以解决维多利亚州早期资本缺乏的问题。






      Andrew Kuik

      Managing Director of Hatchstone Capital

      Fund Manager of Providence

      Cissy Ma

      Founding Director & Activator of SheEO

      Kennie Kurniawan

      Program Director of StartSpace, powered by State Library Victoria

      The Victorian Government has invested $60.5m as a Limited Partner (LP) into the Victoria Startup Capital Fund (VSCF) which will catalyse up to $180m in early-stage capital to address the lack of early-stage capital in Victoria.

      why startup? what skills and attitudes are required to be a founder and entrepreneur?

      what is the Victoria Startup Capital Fund? how can I apply and get engaged?

      what is the experience when transiting a career from corporate to startup?

      Join us for a 1.5 hour roundtable discussion to explore Victoria Startup Ecosystem, and talk to experts about your startup ideas and how to get more engaged and accessible to the Victoria Startup Fund initiative.

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