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  • Lihua Tong - Director & CEO, Beijing Zhicheng Public Interest Law Firm

    Winner of - IELTS - Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

    University of Technology Sydney Alumnus
    Beijing based

    Mr Tong is a public interest lawyer and the leading advocate in China for the rights of children and migrant workers.

    In 1999, he used his personal funds to establish the Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Centre and in 2005 he founded the Beijing Migrant Workers’ Legal Aid and Research Center. They were the first non-governmental organisations dedicated to providing pro bono legal services to children in China and migrant workers in China and is now the largest law NGO in China.

    Driven by his passion to help and appreciation of the urgent need for legal assistance for migrant workers in China, he promoted and trained the very first generation of public interest lawyers in China. He also promoted to set up 26 child protection committees at the provincial level and 38 affiliated migrant workers’ offices in 20 provinces, with the help of which, over 500,000 clients directly benefited.

    His outstanding achievements are well evidenced by his receipt of over 80 national and international awards since 2000, including China’s Top Ten Legal Practitioners and the International Bar Association Pro Bono Award. Since 2008, he has been invited every year to participate in the annual China-EU Judicial Seminar and has worked closely with the Australia Human Rights Commission.


  • Chengzhu Xu - President, Schlumberger China

    Finalist: IELTS - Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

    Monash University Alumnus
    Beijing based

    Global Fortune 500 Company Schlumberger China President, with employees of over 5000.

    Mr. Xu Cheng Zhu joined Schlumberger in 1996, and has been working for the company both inside and outside China. His career spans across finance, controllership, manufacturing, and line management.

    As President of Schlumberger China, Mr. Xu is responsible for China strategy formulation and implementation for the company, people development, business development, customer and government relations, and key EMS projects. He also supports Chinese global account management which coordinates Schlumberger resources in providing oilfield services to Chinese customers overseas.

    From 2005 to 2009, before assuming his current responsibility, Mr. Xu was General Manager for Schlumberger China Manufacturing and Global Sourcing based in Shanghai. He was the team leader for China Manufacturing Perforating Gun Project which won Performed by Schlumberger Gold Award in 2009. Today the Qingpu Product Center is one of the fast growing product centers in Schlumberger.

    Mr. Xu studied at Xiamen University in China, The University of Kansas in USA, and Monash University in Australia. He holds a bachelors in Accounting and an Masters in Business Administration (MBA). From 1984 to 1991, before joining Schlumberger, Mr. Xu worked for the Chinese central government in Beijing where he held various technical and managerial positions.

    In addition to his role as President of Schlumberger China, Mr. Xu has been appointed by Schlumberger as Ambassador to Beijing University, Qinghua University and China University of Petroleum. Cheng also serves on the boards of directors of the Schlumberger China Petroleum Institute, as well as on the boards of directors of the School of Engineering, Beijing University.

    Due to his significant contributions to China's oil and gas industry, China government has recently awarded Mr. Xu the permanent residence status (green card) under the category of "Special Contributions". This is a great honor as it is only granted to very few expatriates each year.


  • Kar Ching ONG - Senior General Manager, Gold Coin Feedmill (Dongguan)Co., Ltd. Gold Coin (Zhuhai) Pte Ltd (Complete Feed and Aqua Division), and Gold Coin Feedmill (Zhanjiang) Co., Ltd

    Finalist: IELTS - Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

    The University of Newcastle Alumnus
    Shenzhen based

    Having completed his MSc (Marketing) at the National University of Ireland in 2003 and his eMBA at Southern Illinois University in 2004, Dr. Ong Kar Ching achieved his Doctor of Business Administration in 2007 at the University of Newcastle. He has worked at a senior management level for the last 20 years and is currently the Senior General Manager of Gold Coin Feedmill (Dongguan & Zhanjiang) and Gold Coin (Zhuhai).

    A well-regarded professional manager in the feed industry, Dr. Ong has contributed to the growth and success of Gold Coin since joining it in 1998 through his visionary leadership and business acumen. Dr. Ong led the start-up of Gold Coin (Dongguan) in 2010, which is now the top broiler starter feed supplier in Guangdong.

    Dr. Ong is the Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Feed Association and is particularly vocal in the area of feed safety. In January 2015, the Dongguan site was the only complete feed company in Guangdong to be named a “National Model Site” for “Quality and Safety Standard Management and Production” by the China Agriculture Department.

    He is also very active within the local community and organizes study tours and learning opportunities for students and fellow feed millers. In cooperation with other companies, he organizes community activities such as the Environment Protection & Safety Education Campaign.


  • Sai Tan Hui - Vice President, Shimao Property Holdings Ltd

    Finalist: IELTS - Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

    University of Technology Sydney, University of South Australia Alumnus
    Shanghai based

    Mr Sai Tan Hui was appointed the Vice-President of the Shimao Group in 2013 and since 2000 he has acted as its Group Sales Controller, where he was responsible for the sales, marketing, management and design of the group’s projects.

    He has over 14 years’ experience in the property development industry and under his leadership, Shimao Group’s property development revenue increased by 50% in two consecutive years, and is now ranked as one of the top 10 property companies in China.

    Mr Hui has ambitious plans for Shimao’s continued expansion through the innovative development of ‘mini-malls’ in residential developments in response to consumer trends towards online shopping and increased diversity in construction projects.

    He is also passionate about supporting philanthropic causes. The Hurun Report philanthropy list estimates the philanthropy of Shimao at close to USD19m for disaster relief in 2009, and a total of USD36.5m to various causes since 2004, including education and the arts. Mr Hui is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Technology Sydney Business School and is an avid supporter of the university community, especially in China, having fully sponsored the 2015 Shanghai UTS alumni reunion.


  • Dan Sun - Vice President (Government Relation), Honeywell Asia Region

    Finalist: IELTS - Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

    Griffith University Alumnus
    Shanghai based

    Mr Dan Sun is currently the Vice President (Government Relation) for Honeywell (Asia Pacific Region) and since joining Honeywell more than 9 years ago, he has been involved across all Honeywell’s business units and has strategically identified new growth sectors and geographic areas by establishing strong relationships with the Chinese government at central and provincial levels.

    Prior to this, Mr Sun was selected by the Australian Government to be the Deputy Consul General in Guangzhou between 1999 and 2003 and then took up the same role in Shanghai until 2006. As one of the first generation of immigrants to Australia, this was a considerable achievement. Over the last 20 years, Mr Sun has significantly contributed to the development of Australian-China trade through helping Australian companies enter the China markets.

    Mr Sun was awarded a Chinese Government Masters Scholarship to complete his MSc in Plant Ecology at Yunnan University in 1985, after which he worked at the university as a research scientist. Following his PhD in Natural Resource Management at Griffith University in 1987, Mr Sun worked for the Queensland Forest Research Institute and then the DAFF in Brisbane where he specialised in sustainable forestry management.
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