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Mr. Ray Chen
University of Southern Queensland Alumnus
G.M. at BMD Education International Ltd

Ray Chen, the CEO of How-Trans Education & Technology, is currently working on his new project, which is designed to help more people create their own stories through an online application called “Comb-Story”.

The connection between Mr Chen and Australia started about 10 years ago, when he started his MBA program at the University of Southern Queensland. Upon graduation he decided to transfer his career from the foreign trade industry to the education and training industry. He found out that he is more qualified to be a teacher, and is much happier sharing his experience and knowledge with young people for their “start-up projects”, helping them avoid unnecessary detours and delays. His main focus at the moment is helping young entrepreneurs “develop impressive roadshows and storytelling approaches to pitch to investors”.

Through Mr Chen's guidance and advice, nearly 50 start-up projects have successfully received VC investment. In July 2016, Mr Chen started his new project, "Comb-Story", which is a change from his previous training business focus. It is not only for entrepreneurs and investors, but for ordinary people to create, perform and showcase their own story through an online application. Mr Chen hopes that one day everyone could effectively present “who I am” by telling their stories, and thus improve their personal brand.

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