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Mr. Brent Moore
Deakin University & University of Sydney Alumnus
Trade Comissioner at Australian Trade Commission

Mr Brent Moore grew up in a pretty tourist town in the mountains of North East Victoria called Bright. He has some 12 years international business experience and has spent 4 years studying and working in China. The first time Brent visited China was in 1995 when he was a high school student and Brent was impressed by Chinese culture. Brent obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Chinese) and his Bachelor of Commerce, International Business from Deakin University. He has also studied in the China Business Program in Ocean University of Qingdao (China).

Brent joined the Department of Agriculture in 2004 as a graduate and has worked in several international trade roles in Beijing and Canberra, including at the agriculture office of the Australian Embassy. He also undertook consulting projects for British and Chinese firms whilst living in China during the period 2008-2010. Following a stint in the Agriculture Minister’s office in Parliament House, Brent joined Austrade in 2012 as Executive Officer – East Asian Growth Markets and moved to Shanghai in February 2014 for his current role as Trade Commissioner, managing food and beverage, agribusiness and e-commerce.

Brent volunteered himself as a mentor for ACAA in 2015. He is keen to support the career goals of the next generation of China-Australia leaders, and share his skills & experience in critical and long term strategic thinking, career management, presentation and communication with an ambitious Mentee. Brent said “I always get a lot of pleasure receiving emails from past mentees telling me they landed their dream job! It makes my day. "

Brent mentioned that he really enjoyed studying with international students from China during his undergraduate and master’s degrees, and this definitely helped him gain perspectives that he applies in his professional life. Brent enjoys the pace and dynamism of China, which means he never gets bored and always has new challenges.

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