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Dr. Haixin Geng
University of Technology Sydney Alumnus
President & CEO at Guangzhou Biostar Energy Ltd.

Dr. Geng Haixin was one of the representatives of Guangdong Provincial Government who attended the inaugural Sino-American Seminar on Economy and Technology Corporations in 1988, which was also attended by Dr. Henry Kissinger and the senior management of 12 global 500 corporations.

He also played a major role in the construction process of over 20 large-scale infrastructure projects in China. Through financing arrangement, in 1994, Dr. Geng helped a Shenzhen-based private power plant company valued 5 million RMB at that time develop into a sizeable enterprise with 2.5 billion RMB in assets within 5 years.

Between 1998 and 2000, Dr. Geng cooperated with the Guangzhou Agricultural Administration (aka GZFDG co. Ltd.) and worked out plans to import Australian-qualified cattle, which illustrated Dr. Geng’s foresight and opened the China market for this sector's exports.

In March 2001, he began his further study as a post-graduate studnet at the University of Technology, Sydney in order to combine his 32 years of work experience with advanced administrative theories and best practice.

He is now the Assistant President of the Board of MEBO International Group and the CEO of the Guangzhou branch company. At the same time, Dr. Geng serves as the investment advisor for a number of city mayors across China.

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