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Calling for ACAA Local Working Committee

Interested parties, please send you Bio by 16th October to

Shanghai; to obtain the time and venue of the preparation meeting.

What is ACAA Working Committee ?
It is the driven force of ACAA’s local activities and directions.

Why joining ACAA Working Committee ?
Become involved in one of the most dynamic Aust-China Not-for-Profit organisation at the top level, develop your own leadership and network.

Who ACAA is looking for:
Commitment of spending approx. 2 hours a month for ideas and advice
Demonstrated leadership in his/her own current career / industry
Ability to add-value to ACAA and ACAA stakeholders, members and sponsors in many different ways

Our Working Committee Members would receive:
Fulfillment of growing the comminity and the closest links with Aust-China business, culture and all other aspects.
Priority to invite to Aust-China prestigious events.

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