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  Monthly Newsletter: Issue #106


  January 2019

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  ACAA Welcome Back Receptions

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Upcoming Events

2019 ACAA Welcome Back Receptions



The Welcome Back Reception series is one of the ACAA’s recurring annual events hosted in China’s three largest cities and possibly other cities across China. These events welcome recent graduates from Australia returning to China.


Not only is this a fantastic chance for you to meet with other recent graduates and share experiences, but also a valuable opportunity to hear about recent trends and upcoming hot industries and career paths options in your city. You can meet with established alumni to hear their useful advice and learn about how the ACAA can support your life and career in China.


15:00 - 17:00

16th March 2019



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Other Cities 

January Greetings!


Happy Chinese New Year! 2018 has been yet another wonderful year spent with our alumni! In 2019, we will continue to launch a range of programs to help our alumni build their networks and improve their skills. 
ACAA’s Welcome Back Receptions are just around the corner, and this year, four cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xiamen, are on our Welcome Back Reception city list. We will also promote other branded programs throughout 2019 such as the Mentor Program, our Career Development Online Workshops and the Australia China Alumni Awards. 
Please stay tuned for more information and come along to our events! 
Kung Hai Fat Choy! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 


The ACAA Team


ACAA Welcome Back Receptions
Hosted in Four Cities in March
One of our favourite alumni events is back!
This year in March, the ACAA is hosting Welcome Back Receptions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen!
The Welcome Back Reception series is one of the ACAA’s recurring annual events which are hosted in China’s three largest cities, as well as some other smaller cities across China. These receptions allow soon-to-be alumni, recent graduates, and returnees to connect with the local alumni community. It’s also a perfect chance to share information and discover resources and opportunities through this strong local network, as well as find a sense of belonging.
Whether or not you’ve graduated, as long as you are living or planning to live in the host city, you are welcome to join the Welcome Back Reception as we consider you part of the local alumni community. These Receptions are not only a chance to catch up with fellow alumni and make new friends, but are also an opportunity for those who have only heard about the ACAA, and may have lost the connection to both their alma mater and fellow alumni, to re-acquaint themselves with the community.
For further details about the Welcome Back Receptions please refer to the upcoming event section in the left column. 
2019 Mentor Program to be Launched in March
While the ACAA team is busy preparing the Welcome Back Receptions, we are thrilled to announce that the 2019 Mentor Program officially starts in March this year!
The ACAA Mentor Program offers alumni the opportunity to work 1-to-1 with an experienced alumnus/a. This is a great chance for mentee participants to develop professionally and personally, and provides an increased level of knowledge, as well as a more varied skill set, through sharing information and experience with a senior industry professional. It’s also a good opportunity for experienced alumni to improve their coaching skills beyond their organisational context, while giving back to the alumni community.
The aims of this program are to provide a better level of support for younger Australian alumni in China throughout the various stages of career development, and to build a stronger Australia-China community. Dozens of alumni have participated in our program and received guidance from their mentors. This has proven to be a great success, with substantial support shown from the alumni community. The schedule for Mentor Program 2019 is shown below:  
We will share more information about the 2019 ACAA Mentor Program before we officially launch it in March, so please stay tuned for upcoming news!


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