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  Monthly Newsletter: Issue #107


  February 2019

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  ACAA Welcome Back Receptions

Rewarding Success


Job Opportunities


Upcoming Events

2019 ACAA Welcome Back Receptions



The Welcome Back Reception series is one of the ACAA’s recurring annual events hosted in China’s three largest cities and possibly other cities across China. These events welcome recent graduates from Australia returning to China.


Not only is this a fantastic chance for you to meet with other recent graduates and share experiences, but also a valuable opportunity to hear about recent trends and upcoming hot industries and career paths options in your city. You can meet with established alumni to hear their useful advice and learn about how the ACAA can support your life and career in China.


15:00 - 17:00

16th March 2019



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Job Opportunities




Other Cities 

February Greetings​!


Have you enjoyed your February? ACAA hopes that all our alumni had a wonderful Chinese Lunar New year and Lantern Festival!


Like always, this March will be another fantastic time for returning to work and starting a new career journey. In the next month, two of the most important ACAA programs will be launched including the ACAA Welcome Back Reception and Mentor Program. We are looking forward to seeing more old and new faces joining our branded programs.


The ACAA Team


ACAA Welcome Back Receptions 2019
Registration is now OPEN!​

This year, ACAA is hosting the Receptions under the theme of ‘SHARE·CONNECT·BELONG’, which summarises every essence of this series of events.

Every year, this series of receptions will provide a fantastic opportunity for both recent returnees and local alumni to share first-hand information of local job opportunities, hometown developments and trending industries. With passion and willingness to share their own experiences and advice to help recent returnees set their foot in the local community, dozens of local alumni will join us to express the warm welcome at this series of receptions this year.


This year, the Welcome Back Reception events will be hosted in China’s three largest cities, as well as a selection of other cities across China. Most notably this year, ACAA will announce Fujian as its new chapter, and Xiamen will be added to our Welcome Back Reception city list. Alumni who are based in Xiamen or planning going back to Fujian are highly recommended to join the event.


For further details, please scan the QR code or click HERE.

ACAA Mentor Program 2019
Mentor Applications Open on 1st March
The ACAA has been very fortunate to become connected with a large group of extremely successful China-based Australian university alumni who achieved extraordinary things across a variety of fields. To maximize this incredible alumni resource and to strengthen the relationships between fellow alumni, ACAA has launched the mentor program 2019​ for its members.


The ACAA Mentor Program offers alumni the opportunity to work 1-to-1 with an experienced alumnus. This is a great chance for mentees to discuss their current job-related issues, future plans, and to learn from an experienced mentor. It is also a good opportunity for experienced alumni to improve their coaching skills beyond their organisational context while giving back to the alumni community.


ACAA mentor program 2019 will be open on 1st March. There are a number of benefits to engage in a Mentor Program, it is not a training or social activity, it is a unique opportunity that takes a Mentee out of their day-to-day activities to plan for the future and strategises how their career goals can be achieved. More specific benefits can be found on the ACAA website​.



Announcing the ACAA Melbourne Branch
Today, we are delighted to announce the establishment of the ACAA Melbourne Branch!


Due to the growing alumni network and need to provide greater support to the Chinese alumni in Australia, ACAA decided to establish the Melbourne Branch this year.


In 2019, the Melbourne Branch will actively engage with more Australia-China alumni in Victoria and possibly in Australia by working closely with our Australian university partners and providing diversified event programs to our alumni members.


Now, let’s meet our new staff member leading the Melbourne Branch!


Adrienne Bray

Manager of Development and Communications



My name is Adrienne Bray and I started working with ACAA at the start of 2019 as the Melbourne Manager of Development and Communications. This year I will be working in university partnerships and student events to help the growing alumni community in Victoria and Australia. I am very excited to host events this year and grow the ACAA community and look forward to meeting all of our members, interns and volunteers in Melbourne. This year I will be completing my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Melbourne in Asian Studies and Chinese and plan to go to China after graduation. I look forward to this year and seeing you all at our events in Melbourne!



Rewarding Success



Over the past 10 years, more than 300 alumni have been nominated and selected as finalists (and even winners!) of the Australia China Alumni Awards. ‘Successful’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘high-achieving’ are often seen in their professional descriptions and personal profiles. Their stories have been spread widely across the alumni community with an emphasis on their achievements and experiences, but have barely shed light on their passion, ideas, motivation and commitment that have driven them to thrive.


It is with great pleasure, and a sense of duty, that we would now like to help spread this inspiration across the alumni community, through our new project, Rewarding Success. This project involves a series of in-depth interviews that share inspiration, stories, and possibly industry insights, from our outstanding award finalists and winners. These stories will be delivered every two months as words, audio or videos, and be publicized across all ACAA channels.


Laurens Tan · Art Beyond Borders



Our first interviewee is Dr. Laurens Tan, a visual artist and designer, finalist for the 2017 Australia China Alumni of the Year Award and 2018 Australia China Alumni Award for the Arts and Creative Industries, and an alumnus of the University of Technology Sydney.


At a young age, Laurens studied economics at university as he was told that there was no future in arts, but what made him change his mind and pursue his true passion? Living in between countries, how did he stay true to himself and nurture his art with the soil of multiple cultures?


Click HERE to view the full interview and hear the answers from Laurens himself.


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