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  Monthly Newsletter: Issue #112


  July 2019

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UTS Interntional Alumni Reception in Beijing & Shanghai


UTS alumni gathered in Beijing and Shanghai at the end of June.


The event created an fantastic opportunity for alumni to connect with fellow graduates and UTS leaders and learn how they can embrace agility, innovation and technology to futureproof alumni's career path.


Beijing-based alumni with Minister-Counsellor (Education & Research) Brooke Hartigan


Shanghai-based alumni with Robert Kee, Senior Vice Corporate Real Estate Services, Asia Pacific at Bank of America Merrill Lynch


July Greetings​


July brought a lot of news to ACAAQ! We welcomed fresh graduates back to China and gathered with Chinese students and professionals in Melbourne, Australia.  


In July, the 2019 ACAA Mentor Program begun its mentoring stage and ACAA is pleased to be able to help mentee participants better develop their career, as well build a stronger Australia China community for our alumni.


Meanwhile, the Awards nomination kicked off the 11th Australia China Alumni Awards.



The ACAA Team



2019 Australia China Alumni Awards​



This year is the 11th year of the Australia China Alumni Awards and it is the first year of the second decade for the Awards. The Awards will still have 8 categories however most have been adjusted and a new award was set up since last year.


Awards nominations have started on 1 July and the Award nomination period only has one month left. To recognise and celebrate the various achievements of China-based alumni of Australian universities, ACAA encourages you to nominate suitable candidates to be involved in the awards.



For further details about the ACAA Awards Nominations, please click:



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ACAA is continuing to work in Melbourne to support Chinese students who are about to graduate and take on the status of a Chinese alumni. It is commonly known that 86% of Chinese students who study in Australia will return to China to pursue their career, whether that be taking over their family business, starting their own or working in international companies back home with the added value of experience in Australia.


Chinese soon-to-be alumni are faced with many difficulties leading up to graduation. For the most part these difficulties include career opportunities in Australia and the big decision of whether to return home or stay. Increasingly, fresh Chinese graduates from Australian universities are in need of specifi

c support, which is what ACAA Melbourne provides! We are not only opening up ACAA to Chinese graduates and final year students to intern for us in Australia, but also run events to bring together the community to discuss and un-pack these challenges.


Though we were only 20 people who came together to have a coffee, amazing and meaningful things were talked about. At this event, ACAA aimed to change the lives and inspire Chinese students and alumni through one story and one coffee at a time. It is important we support and connect each other and have more open discussions like this. Chinese alumni are all ambassadors for the brilliance of Australian education and are extremely talented individuals who have knowledge of both cultures and fluency in both languages! We see that the soon-to-be alumni are the emerging leaders of this space and we are very excited to be connecting them in Melbourne.







On July the 24th, ACAA attended the Deakin Employment Expo. It was wonderful to meet some familiar faces and also welcome new members. ACAA will continue are warm partnership with Deakin University and are very happy to support Deakin’s student and alumni community.

We shared our Job opportunities board at the expo, which is a platform free for our members to access that posts over 100 graduate jobs and internships in China. It only takes 1 minutes to register and you can start your career journey!




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