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The Australia China Youth Association (ACYA) is the only youth-administered NGO run for its members, by its members that works to actively foster a transnational community of young Australians and Chinese interested in furthering understanding of each other’s countries. Focusing chiefly on young people between the ages of 18 to 24, ACYA’s objectives are to facilitate and develop lasting bilateral friendships, partnerships and opportunities across a variety of social sectors, including but not limited to: business, academia, government, sport and the arts.

ACYA operates through 22 Chapter Committee; 17 at Australian universities and 5 in Chinese cities. Together with the ACYA National Executive, these Chapter Committees and the rest of ACYA’s 6000+ strong membership comprises an extensive network of young people from diverse social, cultural and sectoral backgrounds. The National Executive is lead by ACYA's President, and involves roles ascribed to ACYA's Australia and China presence, as well as other key areas such as business development. Expanded from this, ACYA National also includes Directors of the three pillars.

  • 有奖视频征集 “2021年疫情下的国际学生生活 - 澳大利亚和中国
  • video competition - International Student Life in the Pandemic in 2021 Australia and China
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