Your Lifelong Connection with Australia

1.What kind of mentees would I have

You will receive requests from Mentees who have viewed your profile and believes they will benefit from speaking with you. Mentees will range from fresh graduates to experienced professionals. They will apply for this program via an application form and it is your choice to take the mentees or not.

2.Do I need to make appointments with the Mentee?

No, the mentee would take the initiative to get in touch with you.

3.Do I need to meet with the Mentee face-to-face all the time?

No, some Mentors / Mentees prefer to meet face-to-face and some never meet. This program can also be effectively handled over Skype, ACAA Advanced WeChat Advanced Platform or a telephone call.

4.Do I need to be formally trained to be a Mentor?

No, however ACAA will provide you with support, and are here to assist where possible.

5.Do mentors and mentees need to be in the same city

Not necessary. If you don't base on the same city, you can contact by phone, email or video at your convenience.

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